Guided Tour

We are ready to help you in English! We can take you around some of Tochigi’s most famous places. For example:

Nikko - the World Heritage Site
Oku-Nikko (Inner Nikko)
Utsunomiya City (the Capital of Tochigi)
Mashiko Town (Town of Potterty)

Since we are volunteers, there is no charge for our service; you are only asked to pay for our admission fee[s] to facilities, our transportation cost (including the transportation fee to meet you at the starting point of your journey and back to Utsunomiya) and our lunch [if any].

In case of the Nikko tour, if you only visit Nikko Sannai (Toshogu, Rinnoji and Futarasan), the cost will be around 2,800 yen per person. This consists of the entrance ticket to Toshogu Shrine (1,300 yen) for the guide and our transportation fee from Utsunomiyua to Nikko and back (1,500 yen), since the head office of our club is in Utsunomiya.

If you want to be guided by our member[s] , please fill in the following application form and send it to Tomoko OTSUKA at least 2 weeks before the day of your visit. (e-mail: tomokootsuka31@gmail.com)

All the personal information you may provide us is treated as strictly confidential.

Other conditions